The Bunkhouse Lodge is a luxurious retreat for couples and families alike. With its eclectic mix of all things "cowboy", this lodge is like no other accommodation in Medicine Park! From the ample wrap-around veranda you can see Mt. Scott rising nearly 2,500 ft off the prairie floor. The drive to the top of this piece of granite is one of the best scenic views in all of oklahoma. 

Behind Mt. Scott you will find America's first wildlife preserve named the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge. Bicycles, kayaks, motorcycles and hiking await your discovery on sixty four thousand acres. You are sure to be impressed with the scenic vistas and historic sites. There are rock formations larger than a small city in this place. You could start the day with a fly rod and a largemouth bass, hike to a natural bridge by noon and end the day with a steak at the Old Plantation restaurant in Medicine Park. If you like watersports we have the famed, granite bottom, blue water Lake Lawtonka, just at the foot of the mountains. You would have to drive eight hours west to see anything like this. 

The Bunkhouse was located on an unnamed road, but not anymore. It is now on "Bunkhouse Road" with an official Comanche County street sign as verification.

Eclectic would describe this lodge but it reflects the multi facets of Southwest Oklahoma on a year round basis. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do! 

a rustic style lodging experience on the edge of the wichita mountains